Some of the most dreaded complications of facial plastic surgery are those associated with the eyelids. The eyes and eyelids are very sensitive structures and are not as forgiving. As an oculoplastic surgeon with expertise in plastic surgery around the eye, a majority of Dr. Parsa's referrals are patients who have had previous complications with facial plastic surgery and now require cosmetic and functional correction around the eyelids. Depending on the specific problem, the necessary correction may involve a simple procedure or a complex eyelid reconstruction. Our goal is to regain normal function while maintaining aesthetic outcome.

1. I have had cosmetic surgery before and now I cannot close my eyes, can you help me? top

This is probably the most common complaint that is referred to Dr. Parsa for surgical correction. This problem usually happens when during the previous surgery excess tissue and skin was removed. Depending on the severity of the case there are several procedures which can be done or combined to achieve the desired functional and cosmetic outcome. For example skin from behind the ear, which very closely matches the texture of eyelid skin can be harvested and used to raise the eyelid. The mid-face can also be elevated by suspension sutures to raise the lower eyelid. The conjunctiva (the clear tissue on the inside of the eyelid) can be elevated by borrowing mucosal tissue from the mouth.

2. My eyelid crease is not symmetrical. Can this be corrected? top

Yes. Many plastic surgeons perform the blepharoplasty procedure in the same manner for all patients. This is like visiting a hairstylist who can who can only cut your hair in one way. The unwanted result of asymmetric eyelid crease or contour is a result of non individualized eyelid surgery. Although a difficult problem to resolve, this can be reversed by carefully planned revisional surgery.

3. The sides of my eyelids look rounded after my cosmetic eyelid surgery. Can this be corrected? top

The rounded corner of the eyelids after cosmetic eyelid surgery is an artificial “operated appearance”. Although subtle, the natural youthful eyelid is V-shaped at the corners. The rounded corners of the eyelids are not only a cosmetic problem for the patient, but they also can interfere with normal blink dynamics. The patient usually complains of tearing or dry eyes. This problem can be reversed by a special surgical technique on an outpatient basis.