Patient Testimonials

Patient Stories. Patient Complaint: 'Looking tierd'

Patient Complaint: 'Looking tierd'. Dr Kami Parsa performs the following surgery: 1. Transconjunctival lower eyelid blepharoplasty 2. Autologous fat injection to the mid face, and 3. CO2 laser surfacing of lower eyelids

Blepharoplasty Before and After Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty before and after cosmetic eyelid surgery testimonial video by Dr. Parsa.

My Story - Revisional Ptosis (Droopy Eyelid) Surgery

Revisional ptosis surgery: A story of a girl who underwent revisional surgery. A surgery performed by an outside surgeon goes wrong causing ptosis of the right eyelid. Dr. Kami Parsa was able to completely repair the eyelid.

My Experience Having Revisional Ptosis Surgery

Eyelid Ptosis occurs when the muscles that raise the eyelid are not strong enough to do so properly. It can affect one eye or both eyes and is more common in the elderly, as muscles in the eyelids may begin to deteriorate.

Facial Paralysis Surgery by Dr. Kami Parsa

Dr. Parsa and Laura join The Doctors to demonstrate the facial paralysis procedure and reveal her dramatic results!

Botox: What you need to know

Dr. Parsa joins The Doctors TV show to demonstrate botox injections in preparation for the Oscars event.

Surgical Friends Foundation - Life Altering Surgical Treatment

'Honestly I can tell you, There is nothing more beautiful in this world than to be able to give back.'
Kami Parsa, MD

Surgical Friends Foundation - Case #2 Xavier - Severe Facial Defect

'Honestly I can tell you, There is nothing more beautiful in this world than to be able to give back.'
Kami Parsa, MD

Humanitarian Plastic Surgery - Removal of 16lb Facial Growth - Dr. Kami Parsa, Beverly Hills

Dr. Kami Parsa an oculoplastic reconstructive surgeon talks to ABC news about a large reconstructive procedure that was featured on the Discovery Health Channel. 16-year-old Marlie Casseus has undergone four surgeries to remove an 16-pound tumor that covered almost her entire face and hampered her breathing.

Groundbreaking Surgery - Custom Orbital Reconstruction

17 years ago Marla Halsey was involved in a horrific car accident that destroyed the left side of her face and caused a traumatic brain injury. Following 8 separate reconstructive surgeries to rebuild her face, she was not able to close her left eyelid completely as her left eye socket was larger than her right. After much research, she scheduled a consultation with Oculoplastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Kami Parsa. After a thorough examination, he took a unique, never been done before, approach to correct her condition. Dr. Parsa's idea involved having a custom implant made for Marla that would raise the floor of her left eye socket bringing it back to its original position. 2 months after her 5 hour surgery, Marla regained better vision in her left eye as she was now able to completely close her eyelid keeping her eye moist. Before the surgery, when she could not completely close her eyelid, her left eye would become extremely dry causing her sight to be blurry. In addition, she now has 99% symmetry in her orbital floor. This lifted her left cheek very close to it's original position resulting in her face looking more uniform and natural.


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