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Xeomin Injections

Xeomin injections are one of many options available for minimally invasive treatments of certain wrinkles. This type of treatment is most effective when carried out by a specialist cosmetic surgeon who understands the relationship between facial muscles and wrinkles. Each individual will benefit most from a dose that is closely controlled by their cosmetic surgeon.

Results will vary depending on a number of factors, including the strength of muscles, severity of wrinkles and the age of the patient. Frown lines are softened through the use of Xeomin, which inhibits the chemical process, causing the treated muscle to contract. Therefore, it is important that treatment is targeted in order to achieve the best results.

When is Xeomin the Right Choice?

The softening of frown lines can significantly change the way a person looks. Xeomin is a rejuvenating treatment which temporarily softens the lines between the eyebrows, reducing the appearance of frown lines. The treatment is recommended for moderate to severe frown lines. However, some patients are not suitable candidates for Xeomin injections.

As with most medical treatments, there are potential side effects associated with Xeomin injections. Allergic reaction to ingredients in the injection is the most common concern. Some muscular conditions may also rule you out as a suitable candidate. When consulting with your specialist cosmetic surgeon, it is important to provide all relevant medical history during your appointment. If after treatment you experience any adverse effects, such as trouble breathing or using the muscles in the treated area, contact your doctor immediately.

There are a number of treatments available from Dr. Kami Parsa that will help reduce frown lines. To find out which treatment is the most suitable option for you, why not arrange a one-on-one consultation today? You can contact our office over the phone, or use our convenient online booking system to set up an appointment.

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