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No one likes to be told,
“You look tired”

That’s actually the number one complaint that patients share with Dr. Parsa. They’re sick and tired of their friends saying, “You look tired.” Fortunately, there is a solution.

Why does your face appear tired? What causes these signs of aging? See if any of the following apply to you:

  • You have under-eye bags, hollow eyes, or dark eye circles
  • It is hard to put on makeup; it feels like there is extra skin on your eyelids
  • You are told that you look tired even though you have gotten plenty of sleep
  • You are told or see that your eyes look “beady” when you smile, which wasn’t the case before
  • You have tried expensive creams but none have worked

If any of those are true, then cosmetic eyelid surgery may be the right answer for you. These rejuvenating procedures reverse the aging process. They add volume to the area around your eyes, and remove under-eye bags and dark circles.

There is a lot to know about eyelid surgery. It may or may not be right for you. That’s why Dr. Kami Parsa has created an educational video, 10 Things You Must Know Before Having Eyelid Surgery.

Dr. Parsa is an eye surgery specialist in Beverly Hills, and is known world-wide for his expertise in this field.

This video will show you:

  • What problem areas are treated by different eyelid surgeries
  • Why you have under eye bags or a tired appearance
  • How much these surgeries cost
  • Why it’s so important to choose an eye specialist
  • How long the recovery period is and what recovery is like

Hopefully this information will help you on your journey. Click on the button below to check out 10 Things You Must Know Before Having Eyelid Surgery.

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