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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Procedures

The eyes are considered by many the most prominent and attractive feature on a person. Even the slightest alteration to the eyelids can dramatically change how you look. With Dr. Kami Parsa as your surgeon, you can look forward to seeing a completely new you. Dr. Parsa can perform a number of eyelid enhancing surgeries that greatly improve facial aesthetics.

Surgery Options

There are a wide range of surgeries available from Dr. Kami Parsa, which focus on the eyelids and surrounding areas. The eyes, cheeks and forehead all play a major part in facial definition and shape. Even subtle changes to these features can completely alter your appearance for the better. If you have ever suffered any sort of inflammation around the eyes, you will understand how much it affects your facial features.

Dr. Parsa uses surgeries to increase, decrease or reshape tissue or skin. After a relatively short healing period, you will begin to notice how your reshaped eyelids, forehead or cheeks have rejuvenated your face and brought better definition to your most attractive features. Dr. Parsa is an accomplished oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon, who has been called upon as an authority on reconstructive, revisional and cosmetic surgery by major national news agencies such as CNN, NBC and The New York Times.

Appointments with Dr. Kami Parsa are friendly and relaxed. He will listen to all your questions and concerns, ensuring you are confident that your chosen surgery is right for you. Contact the office today to arrange a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Parsa.

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