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Humanitarian causes

“I have always believed that one of the most important things you can do with this life is serve others. This is the true passion that continues to drive me professionally and personally, and I feel so fortunate that I can work and make a difference as a surgeon. There are too many areas of the world and in our own country that do not have access to adequate medical care. My initial involvement was with International Kids Foundation at University of Miami. Through this organization I met exemplary people who have dedicated themselves to a lifetime of service and charity. It has been a humbling experience to work with such incredible people. These encounters have been instrumental in my growth as a physician and person. When I moved back to California, I helped to establish the Surgical Friends Foundation. Our mission is to make people’s lives a little better in situations that otherwise may not seem possible. Children especially need sustainable hope, and our goal is to provide them with necessary medical and surgical care, helping them to grow into a brighter future.”

Kami Parsa, MD

Surgical Friends Foundation

There are millions of people in United States and around the world who live painful lives due to physical deformities. These deformities could be congenital, post traumatic or acquired in nature. Unfortunately due to lack of access to quality care and/or availability of monetary funds these individuals never seek help and continue to suffer. The purpose of Surgical Friend’s Foundation is to:

  1. Provide access to quality care so these individuals can undergo their reconstructive surgery and start their rehabilitation process.
  2. Help these individuals raise the necessary money through means of fundraising, charitable donations and community involvement.

465 N. Roxbury Dr. Suite 1011
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Non Profit Organization

  • Name: Surgical Friends Foundation
  • Position: Founder and Medical Head Advisor
  • Wesbite:
Surgical Friends Foundation Beverly Hills, CA

International Kids Fund (IKF)

Dr. Parsa has been involved in numerous reconstructive surgical missions through the International Kids Fund (IKF). One of these cases was recently featured in an hour-long special entitled A New Face for Marlie on Discovery Health Channel. The International Kids Fund at Holtz Children’s Hospital, a program of the Jackson Memorial Foundation, seeks to provide medical care to needy children from around the world who suffer from serious illnesses and cannot be treated in their countries.

The fund ensures these children receive the best care possible at Holtz Children’s Hospital of the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center, one of the nation’s premier teaching hospitals. For more information or to make a contribution, contact the International Kids Fund at:

P.O.Box 012297
Miami, FL 33101

Non Profit Organization

International Kids Fund Life-Saving Medical Care for Children-in-need. A program of Jackson Memorial Foundation Beverly Hills, CA

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