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Non-surgical Eyelid Treatments


Eyelid Surgery

Dark Circle Treatment

There are a number of different causes of dark circles forming around the eyes. When hollow pockets are present under the lower eyelids, the area begins to darken as we get older. The level of darkening also depends on how much fat, bone and tissue degrades in the face over time. This is a natural aging process which happens to everyone to a degree.

Bags under the eyes are another common cause of dark circles. As the bags create grooves, shadows are seen in the groove, giving the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. Genetics can also contribute to dark circles under the eyes. This can be due to darker pigmentation of the skin. The good news is, there are minimally invasive treatment options available for dark circles around the eyes.

Treatment Options

There are surgical treatment options such as blepharoplasty surgery. However, non-surgical options will work as well, if not better for most people. Non-surgical options range from simple topical creams to special dermal fillers. These fillers will help remove the creases which are causing shadows to fall below the eyelid, significantly reducing the level of dark circles around the eyes.

Each patient is different, which means that you will need to come into the office for a consultation. We will assess the area around your eyes to determine the best course of treatment for your specific need. You can rest assured that out of the broad range of treatments offered by Parsa M.D., we can provide the solution that will work best for you.

You can arrange a consultation visit over the phone or book your appointment online today. You can also use the contact form on the website to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to helping you achieve rejuvenated eyes in the very near future.

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Dr. Parsa is not only an amazing surgeon! He is also very caring and meticulous! His expertise shows in his wonderful bedside manner overall knowledge of his field. I appreciate his knowledge, advice and professionalism for over 6 years. I trust him with my eyes and refers him to my family and friends! His staff is trusting and caring and I love seeing them!

Erica D.

Words cannot express how thankful and appreciative I am to have found you. I am deeply grateful for you, for your generosity and caring nature as pertaining to my medical condition. As you know, I was apprehensive about having further surgery, but you are and have been reassuring and confident in the type of procedure you would perform in order to fix my eyelid from the beginning. The fact that you are not pushy and gave me the time and space to make the decision on my own allowed me to prepare myself mentally and emotionally, that really made a difference. Besides from that, your continuous generosity made me confident that you were the right doctor for the task at hand. You will never know how appreciative I am of that. I would also like to let you know how pleased I am with the results of the surgery. I have not felt this comfortable in years. My parents are also very grateful since this was my 14th surgery. You have a true gift. Thank you again for your patience, time, concern, and overall care. I pray that God continues to give you strength to help people who truly need life-changing medical procedures.

Sophia P.

Dr. Parsa is an amazing doctor. Warm and very caring. I had my eyes done a couple years ago and I couldn't be happier. Dr. Parsa likes to take the conservative approach which I greatly appreciate in a doctor when it comes to cosmetic surgery. I also go to Dr. Parsa for Botox and he always knows just the right amount. The staff in Dr. Parsa's office are all terrific!

Todd H.