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Epicanthoplasty Surgery

Epicanthoplasty is a special cosmetic surgery which aims to make the eyes larger. Although epicanthoplasty is more commonly associated with Asian countries, specialist surgeon Dr. Kami Parsa carries out the surgery right here in his Los Angeles office. Your eyes will look much more open and vibrant when you opt for epicanthoplasty surgery with Dr. Parsa.

Epicanthoplasty is regarded as a complex surgery, which is only carried out by skilled and experienced specialists. Dr. Kami Parsa has performed countless epicanthoplasty surgeries in Los Angeles, positioning him as one of the most well-established cosmetic surgeons in the United States. For a successful surgery with minimal scarring, choose Dr. Kami Parsa as your trusted surgeon in Beverly Hills.

Reshape Eyes with Epicanthoplasty Surgery

The amount of epicanthal fold removed during an epicanthoplasty surgery is important. A less experienced cosmetic eye surgeon will not have the skill to shape your eyes exactly how you want them. Dr. Kami Parsa uses a delicate hand and expert eye to essentially mold the shape of your eyes through precise removal of the epicanthal fold. Asian patients typically need more epicanthal fold than their non-Asian counterparts.

Many Asian patients also wish to make their eyes larger without losing their racial appearance. Dr. Parsa can sculpt the eyes to retain a consistent shape, accentuating your look rather than completely reconstructing the shape of your eyes. Few surgeons have the skill-set necessary to perform such delicate surgery. However, you can rely on Dr. Parsa to fully understand the vision you have for your reshaped eyes.

If you would like Dr. Parsa to fulfill your dream of having larger eyes, you can contact our team and arrange a consultation. Dr. Parsa will guide you through the process and options for your particular need, and you can then decide if epicanthoplasty is the right choice for you.

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