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Fillers for Upper Eyelid Hollows

The upper eyelids are very sensitive, and any augmentation requires the skilled hand of a specialist. Fillers for upper eyelid hollows are a treatment that is offered by many cosmetic eyelid surgeons, yet mastered by few. Only a specialist has a delicate enough hand to perform this type of minimally invasive treatment and knows the techniques to use in order to achieve the best results.

The correction of hollow eyelids is a treatment that focuses on rejuvenation. Hollow eyelids make the eyes appear old and tired. As you age, the condition will dramatically deteriorate and add years onto your natural age. You may find that you begin to lose out on job opportunities or are no longer invited to social events. Your peers and employers may not be consciously aware of the fact that they are excluding you, but the results remain the same.

Younger more Vibrant Eyes

When your eyes are vibrant and alive, it speaks volumes to your audience. Fillers for upper eyelid hollows can dramatically reverse the effects of premature aging. The more refined the technique, the better the results. Only an accomplished specialist cosmetic eyelid surgeon can perform this treatment effectively.

If your surgeon lacks confidence, do you really want to risk going through with such a delicate surgery? Dr. Kami Parsa has been called upon as a respected specialist in cosmetic eyelid surgery by both accredited medical bodies and major news outlets. For procedures that require experience and expertise, your care could not be in any better hands.

Perfect fillers for upper eyelid hollows are only a consultation away with Dr. Kami Parsa. Contact our office today to arrange your first appointment with our expert team of cosmetic specialists.

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