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Eyelid Retraction Surgery

In the upper eyelids, retraction is usually a result of thyroid eye disease, whereas lower eyelid retraction is commonly associated with scar tissue from a lower blepharoplasty. Other causes of both conditions include genetic defects or bulging eyes. No matter the cause, eyelid retraction can lead to conditions such as dry eyes, blurred vision or excessive tearing.

Eyelid retraction is treatable through specialist surgery by a qualified reconstruction eye surgeon. While sufferers often opt for minimally invasive procedures to address eyelid retraction, the condition does become exacerbated with age. Surgical intervention is almost always needed eventually, so it is important to consult with a specialist surgeon.


There are a number of surgical interventions available for eyelid retraction. One option, which is often used in combination with other surgeries, is the tightening of the lower eyelids. This procedure is known as canthoplasty and deals with the tightening of the outer corner of the eye. Another surgical plan may include the need for orbital decompression, which addresses the issue of bulging eyeballs. Each patient must be assessed on an individual basis before surgical options are considered.

Due to the complex nature of eyelid retraction and the possible contributing factors in the condition, you will need a comprehensive examination with a reconstructive specialist in eye surgeries. Dr. Kami Parsa has the experience and specialist expertise needed to perform successful eyelid retraction surgeries. Patients can expect a full needs assessment and friendly consultation before Dr. Parsa recommends a surgical plan that addresses your specific needs.

Contact our office to book a consultation with your surgical specialist. We can provide you with further information on eyelid retraction surgeries and answer any questions you may have. Act now to prevent damage to your vision. You can contact us by phone or via the contact form on our website.

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