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Eyelid Chalazion Surgery

This rather ominous sounding condition is simply a lump similar to a sty that persists. A chalazion is caused by a blocked tear gland when secretions are much thicker. This is as a result of a condition known as blepharitis. Most chalazions are treatable with hygiene intervention. However, more severe cases may require surgical draining.

As chalazions are most often caused by infection, it is important to exercise good hygiene to avoid spreading bacteria to your eyes. That means keeping your hands clean and avoiding touching the eyes in general. Antibiotic eye drops are usually all that is needed to get rid of a sty. Where surgical intervention is required, you may also need reconstruction surgery to repair any damage to the eye fold or surface of the eyelid.

Painful Chalazion

A chalazion may become painful when the lump is large enough to start irritating the eye. The presence of lumps on the eyelid may also cause the sufferer to rub the eyes, resulting in further irritation and a possible secondary infection from the transfer of bacteria. It is therefore important to consult with a specialist to have the condition treated if a chalazion persists.

Surgery is an option that your specialist will consider after an initial assessment is carried out. Dr. Kami Parsa is a qualified specialist in the treatment of eyelid chalazions and any necessary reconstruction of the eyelid. Our team can also provide beneficial advice on how to avoid future recurrence of eye infections through better hygiene practices.

For a consultation, please contact the office of Dr. Kami Parsa today. We will bring you into the office and carry out an assessment. Our team will guide you through the treatment plan and provide you with all the information you need on treatment and recovery times.

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