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Reconstructive Eye Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive eye plastic surgery is carried out when the structures in and around the eye have been damaged through illness or trauma. Dr. Kami Parsa can perform a number of surgeries which address both categories of damage. For blunt force injuries, you may require surgery to reconstruct the bones and strengthen the muscles that control the movement of the eye. Other surgeries will primarily focus on the reconstruction of the eyelids.

The most important decision you will make, however, is in choosing a surgeon. The eye sockets, eyes and eyelids form a complex relationship. Reconstructive eye plastic surgery requires specialist attention. Dr. Kami Parsa has the experience, skills and reputation as an established specialist in cosmetic eye plastic surgery.

Common Reconstructive Surgeries

Most reconstructive eye surgeries are needed due to congenital problems, as the result of a previous surgery or damage to the eyes through illness. Although there are aspects of cosmetic surgery involved, reconstruction of the eye and surrounding structures is the primary goal. Dr. Kami Parsa specializes in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, so your care will be in the best hands possible.

Before a treatment plan is recommended, you will need to go through a comprehensive exam to assess the level of damage. Your specialist will then decide on the best course of action to restore function and aesthetics to your eye.

Dr. Kami Parsa has been asked to provide expert insight on reconstructive eye surgery by respected television networks such as Discovery Health. His specialist knowledge places him as one of the most prominent specialists in cosmetic eye surgeries in the country. If you would like to book a consultation, please contact our office by phone or via our website.

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