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Co2 Fractional Facial and Eyelid Resurfacing

Co2 fractional facial and eyelid resurfacing is a popular cosmetic treatment, and understandably so. An ever-evolving technique, Co2 fractional facial and eyelid resurfacing has helped a number of major celebrities fight the effects of aging. This minimally invasive facial treatment is often used in combination with blepharoplasty. However, in recent years greater numbers of patients are opting for Co2 fractional facial and eyelid resurfacing as a stand-alone treatment.

Although Co2 fractional techniques have come a long way, it is still important that any treatment is carried out by a specialist cosmetic surgeon. These techniques require experience, as well as a precise and expert hand if you hope to see the best results. Dr. Kami Parsa has dedicated his time in practice to constantly learning and adapting as new knowledge and techniques emerge.

Treatments that Work

When it comes to choosing a cosmetic surgeon, no matter what your need, it is important to opt for a specialist who displays integrity in everything they do. Just because you want a specific treatment, does not mean it is the right or most beneficial option for you. A great specialist will not only have the skill-set to perform the most complex of surgeries but will know when it is most suitable to do so.

Treatments work because the specialist has the knowledge, skills and foresight to choose the right path for the patient. However, he/she must possess the natural ability to communicate why a particular treatment plan is the most suitable option. Dr. Kami Parsa is more than equipped to guide you through your available choices and provide recommendations that make sense.

Co2 fractional facial and eyelid resurfacing requires a steady hand and a keen eye. If you want to benefit from cosmetic eyelid surgery treatments in LA, choose Dr. Kami Parsa as your specialist. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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