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DermalInfusion Skin Resurfacing Treatment

To promote healthy, beautiful skin, deep cleansing, resurfacing and cell renewal are vital components of any skin care program. Yet, even with ongoing home care, skin can show signs of sun damage, loss of elasticity, lines, wrinkles and aging issues. An innovative skin rejuvenation treatment is now available at Dr. Kami Parsa’s oculoplastic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills – DermalInfusion.

Instant results and ongoing rejuvenation of the skin is what you can expect from DermalInfusion, which uses a 3-in-1 approach to improve the health, beauty and youthfulness of the skin. Exfoliating, extracting and infusing are the three elements of DermalInfusion, but instead of doing each separately, they are combined in one treatment for improved effectiveness. Dead skin cells are removed, pores are cleansed, and professional-grade serums are infused into the skin, all in one process.
DermalInfusion Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Benefits of DermalInfusion Treatments

In one treatment, DermalInfusion can begin rejuvenating the skin. The resurfacing and cleansing process will reveal healthy skin, while the customized serums are infused into the skin to nourish and enhance the growth of new skin cells. Skin can instantly look smoother and more radiant, but the astonishing results are in the long-term benefits. Some of the improvements that our patients notice in the skin over the days and weeks that follow treatments include:

  • Restored volume in the skin, up to a 70 percent increase for a smoother, more youthful appearance
  • Reduction of lines and wrinkles
  • Reversed hyperpigmentation, sun spots and sun damage
  • Improved hydration, tone and texture
  • Improved elasticity and firmness
  • Cleared acne and reduced acne scarring

While one treatment can create an immediate glow and ongoing improvements to the skin, ongoing treatments can continue the process. Dr. Parsa recommends a 3 to 6 treatment series for the most dramatic results, depending on your specific skin concerns.

Every DermalInfusion skin resurfacing treatment is customized for our individual patients, with different fusion options to remedy various skin health issues. To learn more about the instant and long-term results that are possible with DermalInfusion, contact Dr. Parsa’s team to schedule a consultation and ask about our series packages for a complete vitalization of your skin.

DermalInfusion Skin Resurfacing Treatment
DermalInfusion Skin Resurfacing Treatment



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