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Fillers for Cheek Augmentation

Have you ever felt like your face lacks character? The eyes, cheeks, lips and nose are among the most prominent facial features. If your face lacks character, it is a near surety that one or more of your main features is letting you down. Fortunately, the cheeks represent a feature which is easily changed and can significantly affect how the rest of your face is perceived by others.

Cheek augmentation will reshape your mid-face and act as a focal point which draws the eye to other prominent features. So, if you already have full lips and large beautiful eyes, cheek augmentation will greatly enhance your other features. A specialist cosmetic surgeon can use this minimally invasive facial treatment with varying doses of filler to ensure that the desired result is to your complete satisfaction.

Quality before Quantity

Many cosmetic surgeons will willingly provide cheek augmentation treatments that do not quite hit the mark. A specialist cosmetic surgeon will bring you in for a consultation, where both of you will mutually agree on the best treatment plan for your specific facial structure. The structure of your bones, skin tone and color are all important factors when it comes to the amount of filler used.

Too much, and your face will appear bloated and out of proportion. Too little, and you will not see the benefits of the treatment. There is a fine balance involved in performing successful cheek augmentation surgeries, which has as much to do with technique as it does the amount of filler used. Dr. Kami Parsa has extensive experience in successfully providing cheek augmentations for patients in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Do not settle for second rate treatment. Consult with a specialist cosmetic surgeon by contacting the office of Dr. Kami Parsa today. Your path to exceptional cheek augmentation is just around the corner.

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