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Dysport Injections

Moderate to severe frown lines can become a thing of the past through treatment with Dysport injections. Specialist cosmetic surgeons use Dysport injections as a precision, minimally invasive treatment for targeting frown lines in adults. When the frozen look is definitely not for you, Dr. Kami Parsa may recommend Dysport injections as the best treatment option.

With 25 years of solid clinical evidence backing it up, Dysport is a proven solution for getting rid of frown lines. The treatment targets muscle movement, which in turn reduces the occurrence of frown lines. Each treatment typically produces results for up to 4 months after treatment has been completed. Your specialist cosmetic surgeon will evaluate your needs before recommending Dysport injections as the right choice for you.

When is Dysport the Right Choice?

For busy people who can’t afford to take too much time out from life, Dysport injections may provide the ideal solution for dealing with frown lines. The treatment is also a great option for patients who have been through surgery or have weak muscles in or around the intended treatment area. If you are able to easily smooth wrinkles with your hands, there is a good chance that Dysport injections will work for you.

There are some patients who should not receive Dysport injections. It is important that you check through all ingredients to ensure that receiving Dysport will not cause an allergic reaction. Ingredients which may cause allergic reactions include, but are not limited to, cow’s milk protein. Make sure to inform your cosmetic surgeon of any allergies or reactions to previous treatments using botulinum toxin products, and do not go through with planned treatment if you have any sort of skin infection in the treatment area.

If you would like to confirm if you are a good candidate for Dysport injections, contact Dr. Kami Parsa’s office to book a consultation. If Dysport injections are not suitable for you, we can recommend similar options from our range of cosmetic treatments.

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