7 Reasons for Dark Circles Under the Eye Beverly Hills, CA

February 20, 2019

7 Reasons for Dark Circles Under the Eye

Dark circles under the lower eyelids are commonly associated with being fatigued – but the truth is that there can be several other reasons why someone suffers from this less than an appealing attribute.

  1. Age

As we age, our skin gets thinner and our bodies suffer from a loss of fat and collagen. Thinning skin under the eyes causes the dark blood vessels that are underneath to show through more easily.

  1. Eye strain

Straining your eyes by looking at a screen for long periods of time causes the blood vessels around your eyes to enlarge, causing the darkness to be more visible.

  1. Allergies

When you have an allergic reaction or suffer from dry eyes, your body release histamines which in turn cause the blood vessels to dilate and become more visible. Scratching or rubbing itchy eyes can make the dark shadows under the eyes worse because it results in inflammation, swelling, and broken blood vessels.

  1. Dehydration

A lack of moisture in our bodies causes the skin beneath the eyes to look dull.

  1. Sun Overexposure

Being exposed to too much sun can cause the pigmentation of the skin to darken.

  1. Genetics

Dark circles under the eyes can be an inherited trait. Symptoms can worsen as you age or slowly disappear.

  1. Predispositions

Being predisposed to certain medical conditions, like thyroid disease can cause dark circles under the eyes.

What Can Be Done?

The good news is that oculoplastic surgery specialists like Dr. Kami Parsa can help you get rid of unattractive dark circles under your eyes.  If this is an option you’d like to explore, then contact our Beverly Hills practice today for a consultation.

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