Boost Your Eyelash Growth Beverly Hills, CA

June 15, 2018

Boost Your Eyelash Growth

If you’ve tossed the idea around of having false lashes applied by your esthetician or seem to always be looking for a new brand of mascara that truly offers the same results they brag about on TV, maybe you’ve been going about this whole eyelash thing the wrong way.

In reality, the best answer to your thinning or short eyelash woes could be solved simply by boosting your own eyelash growth! Some women find that our FDA approved eyelash growth products work so well, that they don’t have to wear mascara at all. But together, they’re nice compliments to one another.

How Does it Work?

Our Beverly Hills oculoplastic surgeon uses LATISSE®, a product you apply daily in lieu of your mascara. The active ingredient (bimatoprost) makes it so that your lashes grow thicker, longer, and darker when applied to the base near your eyelid.

Although the results don’t happen overnight, they are fairly quick. Most of our Beverly Hills eyelash clients see improvement in their eyelashes within four weeks, and full results in four months. The product is so effective, that you won’t need to use false lashes or extensions.

By continuing to use LATISSE®, your lashes stay thicker and fuller. It’s just like putting on makeup each day. But if you do decide to stop using it, you’ll likely see your eyelashes return to normal within a few months.

Goodbye Lash Extensions!

Ask about how you can start using LATISSE® today. Contact Dr. Kami Parsa at our Oculoplastic Surgery in Beverly Hills today to schedule a quick and easy consultation. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have!

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