Children and Droopy Eyelids Beverly Hills, CA

February 5, 2019

Children and Droopy Eyelids

In adults, a droopy eyelid is often acquired – by trauma or a muscle disease for example. However, a child can be born with a droopy eyelid and it may interfere with their sight or self-esteem.

What Causes a Child to Be Born with a Droopy Eyelid?

While there are other, less common reasons for a child’s droopy eyelid, the most typical cause occurs while the fetus is in the mother’s womb. The condition is a result of the eye muscles not developing properly. Though the muscle is well attached to the eyelid, it’s weak and doesn’t have the strength to elevate the eyelid.

Droopy Eyelid Treatment in Beverly Hills

Thanks to specialists like Dr. Kami Parsa, there is a solution for a droopy eyelid. Fixing it requires a procedure called blepharoplasty. During this treatment, we repair the tendon that lifts the eyelid.

The surgery is performed in an outpatient setting and takes only about an hour. Sedation and local anesthesia are provided to ensure the patient is always comfortable during the surgery.

When Should Your Child Have Blepharoplasty?

Before surgery, an assessment is done on the eyelid. Cooperation is needed from the patient during this time to help ensure that the desired results will be met. For this reason, it may be recommended that the child be a bit older – perhaps around the age of five or more. Waiting this amount of time will allow the patient to participate more willingly. It also gives time for the necessary anatomical structures to develop some more. Lastly, it’s better to wait because recovering from this surgery is easier for older children than younger ones.

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