Dermal Filler Treatments for Eyelid Hollows Beverly Hills, CA

September 19, 2018

Dermal Filler Treatments for Eyelid Hollows

What do your eyelids look like when your eyes are opened? Closed? Do you have trouble with your favorite shadow smudging everywhere after a few hours, or people asking if you got a good night’s rest?

Deep upper eyelid hollows can cause a “sunken in” look above your eye, rather than the puffy bags people tend to focus on below it. Add age or weight loss into the picture, and the thinning of our delicate eyelid tissues can make us look older than we really are.

While so many plastic surgeons and eye products strive to create tighter, smoother, natural looking skin around the eyelids, very few can. Fortunately, board certified oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Kami Parsa has mastered the technique of treating sunken upper eyelid hollows seen in hyperthyroidism.

See Delicate Eye Surgery Specialist

Depending on your unique eye anatomy and the skin around it, Dr. Parsa may recommend combining specific filler techniques and products or performing a delicate surgery on the area to add more fullness to the skin. When it comes to such a sensitive and visible area that other people are consciously aware of, you can only trust your eyes to a refined specialist.

Because upper eye hollow treatments are significantly different than those involving tear troughs / under eye bags, the techniques must be too. Depending on your anatomy, anything from a natural filler (such as body fat,) dermal filler products, or adjusting the upper eyelid may be needed.

During your consultation, Dr. Parsa can apply a small amount of special drops in your eye to contract the skin and “test” what the potential outcome will look like before performing an actual surgery. Call today to schedule yours!

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