Managing Eye Disease Caused by Thyroid Imbalances Beverly Hills, CA

September 4, 2018

Managing Eye Disease Caused by Thyroid Imbalances

Thyroid disease (also known as Graves’ disease) is an extremely common autoimmune condition that is caused by an overactive thyroid. Although it can affect men, women are 7-8 more times likely to have the condition than their male counterparts.

One of the most common side-effects of thyroid disease is “thyroid-associated orbitopathy” (TAO) or “Graves’ orbitopathy,” which can cause symptoms of pain, problems with eye movement, dry eyes, vision loss, redness, and especially swelling.

The swelling can be so severe in fact, that the eyes are pushed forward and appear to be bulging out.

Is there a way to correct the unhealthy “bulge” look that TAO can cause? With a highly experienced oculoplastic surgeon on your side, yes!

Treatments for Bulging Eyes Due to Thyroid Disease

When medication for your hyperthyroidism isn’t enough to counteract the aesthetic consequences of the disease, it may be time to turn to a plastic surgery specialist that specifically treats areas surrounding the eyes, like board certified surgeon Dr. Kami Parsa.

During surgery, orbital decompression techniques can reduce the pressure on the eyes to prevent blindness and correct severe eye extrusion. The eyelids can also be repositioned to help offer some relief throughout the day for individuals who struggle with dry, irritated eyes.

The surgery involves the removal of excess fat from the “walls” of the orbit surrounding the eye. The orbit itself can sometimes be adjusted as well. Because of how the procedure is completed, any small incisions are hidden below the eyelids or within creases of the eyes, making them less noticeable or invisible to others.

Do you struggle with bulging eyes due to thyroid disease? Schedule a consultation with our Beverly Hills oculoplastic surgery expert today!

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