Treatment for Under Eye Bags: Fat Injections vs. Fillers Beverly Hills, CA

May 2, 2019

Treatment for Under Eye Bags: Fat Injections vs. Fillers

Losing fat under your eyes makes your skin loose and forms saggy tissues that stay with you all day long. If you’re tired of people telling you that you look tired, then you may want to consider a treatment for under eye bags.

What Are Under Eye Fat Injections?

During this procedure, our Beverly Hills plastic surgeon will liposuction (remove) a small amount of fat from your stomach, hip, or thigh. Once the fat is extracted, using a thin tube (cannula), he will inject it deep under the skin and muscles around the eye and cheek area.

What Are Fillers?

For under eye dermal fillers, Dr. Parsa likes to use hydraulic acid (HA) products like Restylane and Belotero. After numbing the area with a cream, he will gently inject the substance under the skin to make the area look plump.

Fat Injections vs. Fillers

While either one of these procedures will improve the appearance of your under eye bags, there are some differences between the two.

● Fat transfers last longer than fillers
● Fat is a natural substance found in your body
● Fat feels softer than fillers
● It’s possible for your body to absorb some of the fat, meaning you may need a second treatment
● Fillers require hardly any downtime while the recovery for fat injections is about 1-2 weeks
● Fat injections cost more than fillers

Which Treatment Is Best for You?

If you need help deciding which one of these procedures is right for you, then we’re happy to book you for a consultation. Dr. Parsa, our oculoplastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, is happy to meet with you and discus your options in full detail. Call us today.

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