What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes? Beverly Hills, CA

November 14, 2017

What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Everyone with dark under eye circles want to get rid of them. The tricky thing is that it can be impossible to avoid those pesky dark bags in the first place.

You’ve heard a lack of sleep will cause tired-looking eyes. But here are a few other surprising causes of dark circles you may not know about.


Hyperpigmentation can cause dark brown shading under the eyes. This is very common among people with darker skin tones. Sometimes even the blue-toned under eye circles run in the family genes.


As you get older, the skin around your eyelids lose its elasticity and the fat layers under your eyes thins out. When those layers disappear, the dark underlying veins show through and create blue bags above your cheekbones.

Sun Exposure

UV damage accelerates the appearance of dark circles. You can minimize some damage by wearing sunscreen and UV-blocking sunglasses.


Having a cold or allergies can increase blood flow around the eyes making under eye circles darker and more swollen. Allergies, in particular, can cause itchiness that makes you rub your eyes frequently, damaging the blood vessels.


Lots of simple things in day-to-day life can make your eyes more likely to develop dark circles:

● Smoking or other drug use
● Irritating cosmetics
● Crying
● Getting too much sleep
● Stress

All the cold compresses and cosmetics in the world may not be enough to help you deal with your dark circles. There’s no guarantee of any one procedure getting rid of your under eye bags for good. But there is professional help for dark circles in Beverly Hills.

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