Winter Eyes: Dry or Wet, Which Are You? Beverly Hills, CA

January 21, 2019

Winter Eyes: Dry or Wet, Which Are You?

When it’s cold outside it’s easy for us to remember our heavy coats, boots, as well as a hat and scarf.  But what about our eyes?  They suffer during winter too and should be protected.

Everyone’s eye sensitivity is genetically different.  Some suffer from dry eyes in the winter, while others suffer from excessive tearing.  Which one are you?

Excessively Dry Eyes

In low temperatures and harsh winds, it’s hard for your eyes to keep up with the amount of tear production to keep them comfortable, leading to dry eyes. The same occurs indoors when there is artificial heat being used.

Invest in some cool glasses or goggles to protect your eyes.  This is especially important if there is a lot of wind, or when participating in winter sports like skiing. When you’re inside using the furnace to stay warm, a humidifier can not only help your eyes stay moisturized but your sinus cavities too. Staying hydrated will help keep in moisture.  Water is the best drink to consume.  If you don’t want to drink ice water in the winter, try it at room temperature.

Excessive Tearing

Some people experience the opposite of dryness and have excessive tearing of the eyes. It’s your eyes’ response to dry winter air. This condition will also benefit from glasses or goggles for protection. Keep a clean cloth around to wipe away excess tears from your face.  Don’t cross-contaminate by using the same tissue you just wiped your nose with!

If you suffer from chronic eye dryness or excessive tearing Dr. Kami Parsa in Beverly Hills can help you find a solution.  Don’t suffer any longer, give us a call today.

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