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Restylane Injections

Bring vitality back to your lips and other facial features with Restylane injections. This dermal filler has broad applications, making it a popular choice for patients who want to make multiple minor improvements to facial features in a relatively short time without the need for invasive surgeries. Typical treatments show results for 6 months or more, meaning you will require additional treatments for a longer lasting effect.

To maximize the potential for longer effects, consult with a specialist in minimally invasive cosmetic facial treatments like Dr. Kami Parsa. Our team of cosmetic surgery experts can provide you with one-on-one advice and recommendations for the most effective single or combination of treatments for your needs. Your desired outcome depends as much on the person providing the treatment as it does on the product being used.

When is Restylane the Right Choice?

If you want to smooth out wrinkles, reshape your lips or make general improvements to aged facial features, Restylane just might provide the answer. However, Restylane is particularly effective for reducing wrinkles around the mouth and nose, such as smile lines or smoker’s lines. If you are between the age of 35 and 60, you are also more likely to benefit from Restylane treatments.

Combining Restylane with other treatments, whether surgical or non-surgical, can also produce spectacular results. The only way to find out for sure if Restylane will meet your needs is through consultation with a specialist. Dr. Parsa has the skills and knowledge to read the fine features of the face and create a treatment plan that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and confident.

Explore all the specialist cosmetic surgery options available to you by contacting the office of Dr. Kami Parsa. We will always recommend treatment options that are most likely to produce the results you want, without unnecessarily disrupting your life.

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