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Voluma XC Injections

Voluma, as the name suggests, is a volumizing dermal filler that helps fill out middle areas of the face. The injection is part of the Juvederm range, a successful producer of minimally invasive cosmetic treatments used to rejuvenate skin and facial tissues. These products are used as either stand-alone treatments, with other products from the Juvederm range or in combination with separate surgical or non-surgical treatments.

Juvederm has been producing proven treatments for the cosmetic surgery industry for decades. Specialist cosmetic surgeons have greatly contributed to the growth of the product range through effective application. Dr. Kami Parsa uses a number of treatments from the Juvederm range, allowing him to precisely target different areas of the face and provide patients with a complete solution for slowing down the aging process.

Long Lasting Volume Loss Treatment

Not all minimally invasive cosmetic treatments are created equal. Voluma XC, however, provides long lasting volume loss solutions for most people. You can expect results of between 9 months to a year before you will require your next treatment. When treatment is performed by a specialist such as Dr. Kami Parsa, who is more than familiar with the best application techniques, treatment results may last even longer.

There is usually an initial healing period of around a week after treatment while the cheeks settle and reshape. It is not unusual for the shape of the cheeks to become uneven during this period. However, they will settle down once swelling has subsided. Dr. Kami’s office will provide you with further information on recovery times and any required pain management after treatment.

If Voluma XC is a treatment option that appeals to you, why not reach out to an expert specialist in LA? Contact the office of Dr. Kami Parsa in Beverly Hills to learn more about the revolutionary range of treatments from Juvederm.

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