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Morpheus 8/ Microneedling/ Meso-Inject Treatment Beverly Hills, CA

Morpheus 8/Microneedling/Meso-Inject Pre and Post Care Instructions

Pre-Treatment Instructions: 

  • Avoid skin irritation or intentional skin tanning. Sunscreen SPF 30+ is advisable for 1 week prior.
  • Discontinue irritants for 4-5 days prior to treatment. This includes retinols, salicylic acid, and glycolics. May resume using these types of products 1 week after treatment if your skin feels ready/not sensitive.
  • If using Hydroquinone, stop using it 3 days prior to treatment. If using Lytera (or other non-hydroquinone brightening products) you do not need to stop using these products prior to treatment.
  • Arrive with clean skin. There should be no lotion, oil, makeup or self tanning agent on skin.
  • Discontinue use of blood thinning medications or supplements (Advil, Ibuprofen, Aspin, fish oil) 1 week prior, if medically permitted. Consult with your physician if clarification is needed.
  • Patients with a history of diseases stimulated by heat, such as Cold Sores, must be treated with a prophylactic medication. Please let the provider know if this applies to you.
  • Bring a large hat with you to the visit.


Post-Treatment Instructions:

  • Immediately after treatment, you may experience redness for 1-3 days. However, for more aggressive treatments this may last longer. Mild to moderate swelling and a sunburn sensation are both common post-treatment and may last 1-3 days.
  • Treatment side effects may include: Discomfort, Excessive skin redness (erythema) and/or swelling (edema), Damage to natural skin texture (crust, blister, burn), Change of pigmentation (hyper- or hypo-pigmentation), Scarring, and Infection.
  • A post-procedure moisturizer may be applied to the face. SPF is required daily. We recommend the Alastin Post kit ($345) or the Avene Kit SOS ($100)
  • If using office retail: Use a gentle cleanser to full face, apply products gently as recommended with the kit, and use sunscreen daily.  
  • Check with the provider for personalized, detailed skin care regimen if adding additional products.
  • Cooling compresses can help reduce discomfort.
  • Makeup can be applied after 48 hours- use breathable, light makeup. Recommended: Oxygenetix 
  • There are no restrictions on bathing except to treat the skin gently, avoid scrubbing/exfoliating, trauma or high heat to the treated area.
  • Avoid sun exposure to reduce the chance of hyperpigmentation.
  • May resume light exercise after 3 days and intense exercise after 7 days.
  • Multiple treatments over a period of several months may be required to achieve the desired result.

Alastin Kit instructions:

For the first 2 days: 

  • Use the Skin Nectar and then the Recovery Balm as much as needed to keep hydrated. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER PRODUCTS TILL DAY 3. 

Starting Day 3


  • 1st- Cleanse with gentle cleanser
  • 2nd- Skin Nectar
  • 3rd- Nourishing Moisturizer
  • 4th- Sunscreen
  • 5th- Recovery Balm (if needed, can be used to spot treat areas that are extremely dry)


  • 1st- Cleanse with gentle cleanser
  • 2nd- Skin Nectar
  • 3rd- Nourishing Moisturizer
  • 4th- Recovery Balm (if needed)

Avene SOS Kit Instructions


  • 1st- Cleansing Lotion
  • 2nd- Thermal Spray Water
  • 3rd- Restorative Skin Cream (cream to speed recovery)
  • 4th- Tolerance Extreme Cream (moisturizer)
  • 5th- SPF


  • 1st- Cleansing Lotion
  • 2nd- Thermal Spray Water
  • 3rd- Restorative Skin Cream
  • 4th- Tolerance Extreme Cream

*Facial Compress and Tolerance Extreme Mask can be used on Day 1 & Day 2 after cleansing the face, then resume next steps. These are used to calm and hydrate the skin.

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Dr. Parsa is not only an amazing surgeon! He is also very caring and meticulous! His expertise shows in his wonderful bedside manner overall knowledge of his field. I appreciate his knowledge, advice and professionalism for over 6 years. I trust him with my eyes and refers him to my family and friends! His staff is trusting and caring and I love seeing them!

Erica D.

Words cannot express how thankful and appreciative I am to have found you. I am deeply grateful for you, for your generosity and caring nature as pertaining to my medical condition. As you know, I was apprehensive about having further surgery, but you are and have been reassuring and confident in the type of procedure you would perform in order to fix my eyelid from the beginning. The fact that you are not pushy and gave me the time and space to make the decision on my own allowed me to prepare myself mentally and emotionally, that really made a difference. Besides from that, your continuous generosity made me confident that you were the right doctor for the task at hand. You will never know how appreciative I am of that. I would also like to let you know how pleased I am with the results of the surgery. I have not felt this comfortable in years. My parents are also very grateful since this was my 14th surgery. You have a true gift. Thank you again for your patience, time, concern, and overall care. I pray that God continues to give you strength to help people who truly need life-changing medical procedures.

Sophia P.

Dr. Parsa is an amazing doctor. Warm and very caring. I had my eyes done a couple years ago and I couldn't be happier. Dr. Parsa likes to take the conservative approach which I greatly appreciate in a doctor when it comes to cosmetic surgery. I also go to Dr. Parsa for Botox and he always knows just the right amount. The staff in Dr. Parsa's office are all terrific!

Todd H.