Dermal Fillers for Cheek Augmentation Beverly Hills, CA

October 4, 2018

Dermal Fillers for Cheek Augmentation

When it comes to framing your eyes and face, your cheeks have a lot to say. From how bright your eyes are when you smile to smoothing out your overall facial tone, the cheeks make up a large portion of our profile.

But when our skin is thin and starts to sag over time from gravity, sun exposure, and aging, it’s not impossible to give your cheeks a pick-me-up to freshen up your face. After all, just like your eyes and mouth, your cheeks are one of the major focal points of your appearance.

Fortunately, cheek augmentation doesn’t have to be invasive or require surgery. Dr. Kami Parsa offers effective dermal fillers to produce significant results, right here in our Beverly Hills practice.

Perfect Proportion

While some individuals turn to plastic surgery and cheek implants, dermal fillers provide a finer balance of augmentation results without the drastic, obvious changes of an altered facial structure. Using extremely precise techniques and administration of dermal fillers makes it possible to achieve healthy and balanced results with smoother skin tones, and no downtime or surgery required!

With a filler, you can achieve the same fuller augmentation results for several months at a time without feeling puffy, bloated, or having an atypical facial profile. Plus, dermal fillers can easily be updated over time, for comfortable and convenient maintenance.

When it Comes to Your Face, Trust an Expert

Our Oculoplastic Surgery center in Beverly Hills is your choice for cosmetic eye and facial enhancements. Dr. Kami Parsa and our team of aestheticians provide attentive and expertly managed services to help you feel and look your best. Schedule a consultation today to learn more!

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