Neurotoxin Injections that Double as Cosmetic Enhancements! Beverly Hills, CA

October 23, 2018

Neurotoxin Injections that Double as Cosmetic Enhancements!

How could something with the word “toxin” in its name be a product that so many cosmetic and aesthetic specialists turn to when treating their patients?

It’s simple. With products like Botox and other relaxants or dermal fillers, we can use safe and biocompatible ingredients to trigger a response in your skin and body for a fuller, healthier appearance.

These products work by relaxing and softening the appearance of the skin, while also easing the tension of the muscles just below it. Because they are neurotoxins, the effects can last for several months at a time, but they only affect the area where they’re applied.

The Results You’ll See

Each type of neurotoxin and cosmetic injectable that we use at our Beverly Hills practice is unique. When applied in strategic places of the body, they can:

• Reduce fine lines
• Smooth out wrinkles
• Ease muscle tension and headaches
• Create fuller, even skin tone

…while lasting up to 3-6 months at a time. In fact, some injectables can be combined with others, extending the length of their results so that the products don’t have to be applied as frequently! For example, pairing Botox with collagen-producing dermal fillers can extend the typical results up to 25-50% longer than without the filler being used in conjunction with the neurotoxin.

Enjoy the advantages of safe ingredients to trigger naturally smoother, relaxed skin tones without surgery. If you have questions about what makes neurotoxin products safe for cosmetic use, we invite you to meet with Dr. Kami Parsa or one of our certified aestheticians in Beverly Hills for a consultation. Schedule your visit today!

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