Three Reasons To Get Fillers Around Your Eyes… And One Reason You Shouldn’t Beverly Hills, CA

February 15, 2018

Three Reasons To Get Fillers Around Your Eyes… And One Reason You Shouldn’t

They say the eyes are the windows to your soul, but those same eyes can tell others how old you are! As we get older we lose collagen, fat and elastic tissue around our eyes and face.  Here are three good reasons to get fillers in this delicate area of your face.

  • Say goodbye to deep crow’s feet! Those lines at the corners of your eyes show that you’ve smiled and laughed through your life. As you’ve gotten older, your skin has lost elasticity and the wrinkles remain even when you’re not smiling. Although Botox is the first line of treatment for crow’s feet, sometimes a hyaluronic acid filler such as Belotero or Volbela will smooth out those laughter lines.
  • Hollows in your upper eyelids can add years to your actual age. Dr. Parsa specializes in plastic surgery of the eye, and will be able to fill the hollows with a deft hand. No more deep recesses of your eyes!
  • Lower eyelid hollows are caused when we lose volume underneath our eyelids on the tear troughs. Restylane or Belotero, injected with a blunt tipped needle, are excellent fillers to restore this lost volume. These procedures take 15 minutes and depending on the patient last up to a year after injection.

Puffy eyes caused by allergies don’t respond well to fillers; we have different remedies for those! Either way we look forward to seeing you at our office soon.

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